Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oudekerk on the Amstel

I got away today from the laptop and my newfounder's delight of blogging....and return with the fruits of my day. We rode along the Amstel river to Oudekerk (old church) village, about 30 mins away on the bike, we do this often on the weekend when the weather is good. The nature begins almost as soon as we leave our door, and if we were to go into town (the opposite direction) we would be in the Red Light in 15 mins.

That's the great thing about Amsterdam, particularly where we live - just a little outside the city centre, a few minutes on the bike and your surrounded by dykes, windmills, farms, playboy mansions, and dukes country castles. Yes I do live in the dam! It's just most people who visit, don't leave the tiny city centre.

In Ireland the landscpe is awesome, but often you need a car to get there, and the patients to sit in a traffic jam for an hour. I don't drive a car, thankfully, and never really felt the need to, except when back in Ireland. I really wish you could join me some sunny sunday afternoon, just to see how beautiful the ride is. Next time your in the Dam, rent a bike and just follow the Amstel river all the way south on the east side. You'll think you've died and gone to heaven. You don't need to be too envious though, there are lots of downers about holland, but today we shall just leave them someplace else.

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H said...

How beautiful the photos are!