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300 Buddhists in a Dutch forest

I'm not such, in the mood to write a new post, but feel concerned that anyone who hits my last post might get the wrong impression from images appearing at the beginning. So what have I been up to? Well I went to a buddhist conference by Sogyal Rinpoche, here in Holland. So there!

Actually I haven't been on one for quite sometime, so it felt a bit like starting all over again. What can I say, try it sometime. Yes there can be a lot of baggage people bring along (myself included), but that aside, it is a great journey to begin...unfortunately almost impossible to finish. Anyway that's what I did last weekend. Good Kharma or what!

So what is it all about? How could someone as screwed-up as me do the Buddhist thing? Well as I often say, "just because I am a Buddhist doesn't mean I ain't as screwed up as anybody else"! It is a belief system, it is one that helps me. And, it is one that has many elements that really help in a constructive way. I find atheists…

I ventured back... see the folks in Dublin a couple of weeks ago. Always great to visit. I prefer being a tourist in Dublin, I don't get so frustrated when I know I can just leave and go back to my 'other' life in Holland. I find over the last couple of years Dublin is slowly getting back to normality, the crazy 'new money' hype is dying a little. This, I find, is a good thing.

I also love the way most of the people in the shops/restaurants are foreigners. It just makes me feel the city is becoming more cosmopolitan.

There is 'still', of course, the usual obsession with money and big houses, and as coincidence would have it, I bumped into the chap who bought the old family farm when I visited Loch Dan. He seemed like a nice guy to me, not arrogant at all. It's funny because some of my family are 'annoyed' that the farm could have been sold for 'millions' more than it was (people in Ireland only talk in millions these days). I sometimes refer to Ire…