Thursday, May 31, 2007

300 Buddhists in a Dutch forest

I'm not such, in the mood to write a new post, but feel concerned that anyone who hits my last post might get the wrong impression from images appearing at the beginning. So what have I been up to? Well I went to a buddhist conference by Sogyal Rinpoche, here in Holland. So there!

Actually I haven't been on one for quite sometime, so it felt a bit like starting all over again. What can I say, try it sometime. Yes there can be a lot of baggage people bring along (myself included), but that aside, it is a great journey to begin...unfortunately almost impossible to finish. Anyway that's what I did last weekend. Good Kharma or what!

So what is it all about? How could someone as screwed-up as me do the Buddhist thing? Well as I often say, "just because I am a Buddhist doesn't mean I ain't as screwed up as anybody else"! It is a belief system, it is one that helps me. And, it is one that has many elements that really help in a constructive way. I find atheists can often be just as dogmatic and religious about their belief system as someone who follows a traditional religion. The worst part is people think you should be some how a 'good' example if you do follow a faith. Of course you should, but I don't think I am better than anyone else who does or doesn't follow a belief system. The good thing about Buddhism is it actually encourages that kind of thinking. And I think that's pretty cool.



DUB in the DAM said...
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Chartrambler said...

I thought the whole thing about Buddhism was that it wasn't a belief system,"no mind! and all that.Ultimately it is about emptiness and the transience of everything and living in the Now,not something easy to achieve ! Not being critical,I love your pipe-smoking videos and strayed here by mistake...