Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jump, how high?

Over 3000m to be exact. Last weekend I had a couple of old friends from the reserves over. They were participating in a parachute course on Texel, the biggest of Holland's islands in the north. Just to get into the spirit of things I booked myself in for a tandem jump. The quick and easy way to do a free fall or skydiving jump, no pre-training or medical certificate required. Well, what a great experience. I had jumped before, static line (automatic opening dome/round parachute), but this was a totally different experience. Free fall for 30 seconds and 5 minutes in the air...amazing. Highly recommended. What more can I say, surprisingly enough it was as much a very meditative experience as it was an adrenalin rush, both falling from the aircraft and the glide down is a gentle and floating feeling, rather than a speed rush.

The funniest part was when I landed an Italian couple approached me. The man asked me if I could assure his girlfriend how safe and easy the experience was, she being extremely nervous about it. This I did and sometime later I spoke with them after they had both jumped. She was; "wow amazing", beaming with joyous delight, he on the other hand looked pale and nervous and complained he felt sick and dizzy. Men, how sad are we?

The photo and video isn't of me by-the-way, that would've cost an extra €80, the memory is in the heart, don't you know.


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