Thursday, December 6, 2007

Call me sicko

I went to see Micheal Moore's Sicko yesterday. It was my wife's birthday and as it was her day, I said, "We shall do whatever you wish". Sicko was no.2 on the wish list, strange perhaps, but granted all the same. A great documentary, he gets better all the time, apart from subject matter, his films improve on all levels with each production. He highlights many things, mainly the 'undemocratic' nature of health care in the USA, but also the fear many Americans are subjected to when it comes to anything that maybe considered, in the slightest way; 'socialist'. I love Michael Moore, as a person and a spirit even more than his politics and concerns. He gives me hope in humanity when so many disappoint.

There was a women to our left who cried throughout the entire film, I assume affected in some way by a friend or relatives' illness or death in a health care system, in the USA or somewhere, that had failed. I wanted to hit the Dutch that scoffed and laughed all too heartily every time Micheal spoke to a Cuban, Canadian, Frenchman or English gent who highlighted the advantages of their social systems.

The 'cloggies' laughed so much and too easily, intoxicated by a feeling of superiority every time the American way of life was exposed. They paid their €7.50 so they could get their fix of smugness and comfort, conveniently forgetting that the generous pension funds they possess are powered by their huge investments in industry and stocks. Investments that rate them the sixth biggest foreign investors in the the US. Investing in the very companies who's practices Moore's film highlighted as immoral. They went home to to give their St. Nicholas presents and poems to each other...thanking God or Jung that they lived in Holland...and the woman on the left went home to cry, until she feel asleep. Call me 'Sicko', but I am not a blind man.



Big Kev said...

Ever wonder why the best doctors in the world come to the United States. MONEY!! I will take high quality health care at a great cost(money) over, "so called," free health care at a much greater cost(death). My father has a rare form of cancer. At the hospital he goes for treatment are numerous doctors from foreign countries that i have spoken with. All of which said, when asked about this subject, he would not be able to get the extensive care he is receiving in other countries. I don't agree on this topic or the "SICO'S" film but this is a great blog.

A fellow piper.

DUB in the DAM said...

Thanks for the comment BigK
I agree with you that the healthcare is much better in the USA because there is a business market approach. In Holland I pay €175 a month for mine which is the 'delux' package. I work self employed so I get no company shortage. However with something as important as healthcare I do think there is a need for a strong "watchdog" to see that certain democratic standards and fairness are maintained by the private companies. I also think MM shows the Eurozone as a wonderful place with great 'FREE' healthcare, this just isn't the case, and many people on middle incomes have private insurance. Europe and in particular the dutch, realize good healthcare costs a lot of money and many of the 'social' systems as a result are and will continue to be proven unrealistic.

I don't know the ins and outs of the current Healthcare debates in the USA, but it does seem that problems have been highlighted and are very much a policy issue for all senators both left and right..this is a good thing...IMHO