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waving the finger

Holland is in the news recently, I do not wish to get into politics on my blog but I think I should explain what I believe is going on here. Calvinism, that's what's going on...that famous old Calvinistic finger is being waved again telling anybody in it's narrow minded way what others are doing wrong...and what they must do to be tolerated. Oh the irony! It is hilarious as the Dutch so often are...shame on you Holland, shame on you...I wave my finger back!

happy St.Pats

Plans for St. Paddy's day
Not getting me alternative! Avoiding the center of Amsterdam where there is said to be an estimated 25 to 45,000 Irish descending for the weekend. Maybe wearing my kilt if I'm in the mood, but it does take a long time to get dressed, failing that - some green will be worn! Do go for dinner in a posh local restaurant with some friends and my wife. And..of course I will smoke some University Flake in my St.Pats 105.

I'm often asked what is THE thing for the Irish to do on St.Pats...answer... fly to New York! No city in the world celebrates St.Pats like New York. Paddy's day is a celebration of all things Irish with a strong emphasis on getting completely pissed. I sometimes call it Alcoholics Quilt-Free Day. But on a deeper level it is very much a time for the Irish to connect with home while they're overseas. A phone call will be made, a greeting card received, church attended and if you're in an Irish Regiment anywhere in …