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A suit of armor

"Nobody want's to read blogs these days, people don't care what your opinion is". This is a frequent comment on the subject of blogging. For most of us and certainly for myself, it is a form of release, it is to undress. We bloggers write, not to confirm our opinions, but to release them. It's like letting loose a caged bird - where it alights is irrelevant. We add real content to the web unlike the advertisers and corporations that fuzzy our cloudy minds with 'Flashy' websites. We put our lives out there in a global database of observations and emotions.

Think of it as a crusade, we battle the foe and our enemy is the shallow belief that being connected on a social network is more important than what we're connected to. This goes to the very core of Google's recent China action, it is NOT just about connection, it's about transparency. If we search in a world that is plagued by denial, what is it we will find, even more denial. The Netherla…

St. Patrick was not a Catholic

As tomorrow is St. Paddy's day and as Dubinthedam is a Dubliner living in Amsterdam I thought it good to do a cross cultural topic. It is said that the Irish tri-colour flag represents the green of Irish nationalists and the Orange of Unionist Protestants with the white in the middle representative of peace between our two communities on the island. Some say that is untrue because the orange is not actually the colour of Dutch Prince William of Oranje (the house of Orange) but that it is actually derived from gold. And, that colour being impossible to produce in conventional printing terms, it altered to a representative orange tint.

Regardless of true origins I prefer to think that the story of peace between the two communities is the more relevant and truer version. More importantly I have known both communities in my brief years of 43. I was once invited to join an Orange Freemason Lodge as young man serving in the Royal Irish Rangers reserve battalions. My Sargent Major who pr…

"You're not like me..."

Elections loom in the swamp, local elections that is. I will probably vote for the Animal Party or the Greenlinks Party, the third - yet to be decided option - being the Muslim Party! So why would an Irish Buddhist be voting for a Muslim party. Well there has been a huge shift towards the right here in the Netherlands. I believe it stems from a inherent xenophobia which arises from a society where conformity is a golden rule. In order to conform one must know what is normal and what is not normal. Being different is only tolerated if it falls into a 'normal' category of excepted creativity or artist behavior. Unique in western society today the Dutch not only steer well clear of abnormality but they exude great suspicion towards it. A finger will be pointed at anybody who does not fall into a strict Calvinistic version of behavior. This really cuts to the degenerative aspect of Dutch society, it needs to destroy what is not excepted in order to justify it's own dull medioc…