Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"You're not like me..."

Elections loom in the swamp, local elections that is. I will probably vote for the Animal Party or the Greenlinks Party, the third - yet to be decided option - being the Muslim Party! So why would an Irish Buddhist be voting for a Muslim party. Well there has been a huge shift towards the right here in the Netherlands. I believe it stems from a inherent xenophobia which arises from a society where conformity is a golden rule. In order to conform one must know what is normal and what is not normal. Being different is only tolerated if it falls into a 'normal' category of excepted creativity or artist behavior. Unique in western society today the Dutch not only steer well clear of abnormality but they exude great suspicion towards it. A finger will be pointed at anybody who does not fall into a strict Calvinistic version of behavior. This really cuts to the degenerative aspect of Dutch society, it needs to destroy what is not excepted in order to justify it's own dull mediocrity.

Dutch society is jumping on a bandwagon of anti-Muslim feeling. It is simply using it as an excuse to vent frustration at a low-income immigrant community who's only real flaw is have a 'few' unruly and anti-social teenage boys who sometimes turn to criminal behavior. A criminal behavior the Dutch police (poorly supported by the government) are usually incapable of dealing with. In recent pols 60% supported the hard-right - bizarrely named - Freedom Party. Many Dutch are deeply angered by this but even few of those are prepared to take an honest look at themselves and the conformity that breeds walls of apartheid both in their past history and present society. It's as if they they put fingers in their ears instead of the dyke while muttering, "no, it can't be so, we're a liberal, tolerant people"!

The Moroccan community are mainly hard working and contribute a huge amount to the society. They not only do important menial jobs and run small businesses, but many of the second generation work studiously at school in an attempt to better themselves. As with Indian daughters in the U.K. the girls statistically do extremely well in academics.

Muslims in Holland do not threaten anybody's identity, they do not wish to convert the country into one of Sharia law. They do not wish to fight a Jihad. They just want to practice their faith, earn a good wage, be shown some respect and grow old like the rest of us. I am like them...and I will vote in whatever way I can to support them against a tide of ignorance, provincial Calvinism and Boerish apartheid.


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