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Things I like about the not so nice

A friend once commented on my blog, "well one thing is for sure, you don't like the Dutch". Well, I guess that is true, as a people and society I don't like them, but 'like' is not a word that can be applied to the Dutch. Infact it is a word they generally dislike, it is too vague, too emotive, baseless.

For sure I like loads of Dutch people, and I never let my observations and experience of living in their society carry over to the 'individual'. I approach all with a fresh look, a new embrace. So what do I like about the Dutch.

Well for one I like the fact that it is a less chauvinistic country than many, I love meeting strong liberal and independent women who have broken free from the chains of men. In Ireland women have a power that is derived from the importance of motherhood in the family group. But here it extends further, they can be something for themselves, not just as mothers.

I love the fact that gay couples walk hand-in-hand in the street…