Friday, October 14, 2011


A picture paints a 'probably' Dutch lady of Moroccan decent rounding a corner on the left, camera in hand, cautious eyes with olive skinned beauty - bright in the sun. On the opposite side a Dutch couple of whiter decent stroll down a lane. He, with mobile in hand, glances intently through the cafĂ© window. It beacons cosyness or gezelligheid. Constantly searching for that gezelligheid is the great pursuit. 

Look upwards and you will catch a CCTV camera dangling from a lamp post, forever filming the tourists and skinny junkies that wander by. In Holland caution is a frequented manner of greeting, people should first be scanned. In conversation, eye contact is minimal but surveillance is practical. That's what I see.


DubintheDam said...

Ah..pipe surveillance, Justin that's a Crown Series WO Larsen shape no. 148, its a typical danish style called 'acorn'. These were made about 1998-2000. You can still find them on ebay now and then.

JCIGAR said...

Thank you so much for the quick reply. I will certainly be on the look out for that pipe! Your video's are fantastic on youtube, a huge help. Once again, sorry about asking you this on this site. All the best,

J O'Brien

tha malcontent said...

I say, whatever it takes. to catch the bad guys.
As long as they don't put any camera's in my bedroom, I'm ok with it.

Felipe Dresden said...

Snowden's message was correct. We will lost our sense of privacy.